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Alor Star RM 750
Sungai Petani RM 700

Bujang Valley

One of the most unique caves in Malaysia as it's a 370-metre long limestone cave where it's famous for its 'cave walk'. It's among the favorites cave for the adventure seekers. You will enter from one end of the cave and come out at a different location. The only path in is via a wooden suspension bridge measuring 8 ft wide walkway. The hollow limestone path is believed to be the idea of an Englishman that converted this cave as a method of transporting tin from a mine near the stream entrance of Kaki Bukit. Today the walk path is brightly illuminated, where you can still find remnants of time mine operation inside. The sound of squeaking bat and dripping water from the stalactites may be soothing for some and spooky for others! After a hard day work in the cave, you can drop by the Wang Kelian Sunday Market to quench your thirst; fill your stomach and get some souvenirs home too. The market itself has many segments, selling variety of goods including food, textile, handmade jewelry and others. Since Perlis located just at the Thai border, you can see there are a lot of Thais selling their local handmade goods. Hotel in Perlis is not luxurious, but suffice to have a comfortable rest.

Bunting Island (Pulau Bunting)

On the island, the panoramic view is so beautiful that it can mesmerise the tourists and locals. There are uncountable mangrove swamps around the island. There are multiple species of birds and insects to be seen and found on the island. Over 90 species of birds are stated to be seen around, including hornbill, woodpecker and kingfisher, to name a few. Besides the island, it is too famous for its lake, Tasik Dayang Bunting (Lake of the Pregnant Maiden). The lake is located right in the centre of the island, which is the main attraction of the whole of Bunting Island. The lake believes that a woman incapable of conceiving can be blessed with a child if she drinks the water from the lake. Some locals, too, try out this belief, and it works. You can swim around in the lake and dip your feet into the mini pond to feed the catfish on your dead skin. There is a nearby attraction which is the Pulau Bunting Bridge. The bridge connects Bunting Island to mainland Kedah. The arch-cable bridge's design is what attracts tourists. Accommodation in Langkawi Island will not be a problem as many options are ready to be selected. There are many famous hotels and resorts located on the island.

Datai Bay

Datai Bay at Langkawi is a prosperous coastal landscape formed by solid wave activity. The continuous activities have enabled the crafting of several features on the beach and have become the Datai Bay trademark. The area is the country's most important geological, hence being preserved and protected for specific purposes. It claimed its title by having the oldest rock in Malaysia, which has become a famous attraction for both local and international tourists. Unquestionably, this is a place for rock lovers and researchers. The diversity perfectly showcases the coastal landscape for sedimentary rocks, which is great for sightseeing and relaxation.After independence, the government of Perlis took over and became the Chief Minister's official residence. Finally, in 1991, the building was demolished and rebuilt to be structurally identical to the previous installation and converted into a museum. The museum houses Islamic artefacts, Perlis/Kedah crafts an item belonging to the royal family. Hotels in Perlis are not luxurious, but suffice to provide a comfortable rest with necessities.

Kedah Paddy Museum

Kedah Paddy Museum is locally and globally recognized. The paddy museum is the fourth one to be opened in the world after Japan, Germany and the Philippines. The museum has received tremendous responses from local and international tourists since its official opening in October 2004. The museum would indulge anyone in exploring the paddy and history of Kedah, whether from production to manufacturing the paddy. The historical museum has three levels that display the history and production items related to paddy. The museum's showcases are suitable and used for research and further development of paddy in the country. A museum is a place that anyone must visit. For nature lovers, you can head down to the Perlis state park, where you can enjoy bird watching, kayaking and even caving. It's also well known as a shopping paradise, and since Perlis shares the border with Thailand, you can get many local and Thailand products at a bargain price. Padang Besar is the favourite shopping spot for locals and visitors from Malaysia and Thailand. Of course, you can learn more about the state's history by visiting the Perlis State Museum.

Pantai Cenang

One of the most-visited renowned islands in Langkawi earned its fame with its white sand and a great spot to watch the delightful sunrise and sunset. Pantai Cenang is well known for its destination of touring and exploring nearby islands, Pulau Rebak Besar and Pulau Rebak Kecil. Being one of the most beautiful beaches, Pantai Cenang receives dramatic compliments all year and huge responses during peak season. Located near Kuah Town, it makes shopping easier to get a great bargain on the duty-free island.

Tanjung Rhu

Tanjung Rhu Beach is a must-visit place on Langkawi Island, especially for beach lovers. The beach is vast and empty. One of the many attractions in Tanjung Rhu Beach is the limestone formations on the islands nearby. Besides, the beach has a unique ecosystem, including mangroves and waterways. The beach plays a fantastic role as a getaway from urbanites as it offers a quiet environment. The best time to visit the beach is during the evening on an obvious day. This is because you can be mesmerized by the beautiful sunset, and with the clear sky ahead, you can have a clear view of various islands, for example, the Ko Turatao and Ko Adang, along the border of Thailand. On the beach, you have to enjoy strolling along while experiencing light and cool breeze.

Ulong Legong Hot Spring (Kolam Air Panas Ulu Legong)

The Ulong Legong Hot Spring is more of a recreational park. Do note there are actual entrance fees needed to access the park. There are a total of 5 pools in the park. Three of them are main pools where people pack around. The other two are a baby pool and a private pool for the ladies. The temperatures of the main three pools are all different. From a warm water pool to a hot water pool, the most desirable are all up for your pick. The third pool is usually empty as the water is too hot to stand. There are steams around the place due to the hot water pool. The Ulong Legong Hot Spring is a place for relaxation and therapeutic purposes for all people with ailments. However, be too cautious if your skin is sensitive and thinks twice before dipping yourself in the pool. Apart from the relaxation time, one can go jungle trekking and visit the waterfalls in the Ulu Muda Forest Reserve nearby.

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